Napier Cloud

We have setup a fairly advanced Cloud infrastructure within Edinburgh Napier University, and this is used to virtualise a range of desktop and server environments. To connect you use:

or use the vCentre Client. The following shows how you connect and enable the IP addresses for the VMs:

The Linux VM should get its address automatically from the DHCP server, and be mounted onto 10.200.0.x, where as the Backtrack instance will need you to refresh the Ethernet interface. To do this use these commands:

$ ip link show
$ dhclient eth4
$ startx

If you need any other VM setup, please say, and we’ll try and add it. We’re just refreshing the VMs, so there will be more appearing soon. EnCase should be setup soon, too.

Apples4U Pen Test

With the module CSN11123/4 we perform a pen test on the Apples4U server. The following shows how to setup the connection of your VM to the Apples server (Coursework definition):

If you need to access the Apples server for a stand-alone assessment:

Note the following:

  • You should get approval for all your pen tests from, and do not download any software or perform the test, until you have approval from apples. Please be business-like in your emails, and try and outline the scope of the tests, and the times that you are likely to perform them.
  • If you crash the server, or change anything on it, please try and mitigate it, or email to get a reboot.
  • The username/password for the Apples4U server is secret. If you want to crack it, you must get approval from, as part of your pen test requirements.

Current location of servers

The IP address of the Apples4U server is, with a backup server For the Backtrack instances, the login is root, with a password of toor or napier_toor. If you are interested, the Metasploitable instance is at




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