Edinburgh’s Ghosts of the Past


Ghosts of the past

a * b = Inverse Log ( Log (a) + Log (b))

The base of the log is important for the calculation. For our decimal system we use a base of 10, but for many natural operations we use a natural log base (e=2.718). This base is used in many naturally occurring changes, including with electrical currents and voltages. For example the changing of a capacitor follows an exponential growth, which is based on our natural logarithm base.

The Foundation Builders

It is, though, the ghosts of Edinburgh’s past that I feel most, and the great people who led the world in Birthplace of Logarithmsterms of physics, economics, and medicine, and who showed the world how intellect can be used to better the world. For me, the spirit of this enlightenment is now alive and can be seen within an environment of innovation and enterprise. Every day we find out new companies who are thriving in the business, and who are desperate to attract the best graduates to push forward their visions. And large companies too are moving into Edinburgh, as they can attract people to come and live in this beautiful and cultured city.

It is a privilege to live and breath in the great city, and it is a city which has provided me with everything I would ever want, and has never demanded anything from me. People mostly live here, because they want to be here. There’s a place for everyone to go … a quite place in at Botanics … and a vibrant place at the Festival … and a beach … and an even nicer beach, along the coast, if that’s not good enough.

So to follow in the past of the architects of this city, and to contribute to its future, is something that I feel proud to be part of.

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