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Alex Jaconelli RIP

Alex-JaconelliSo sad to hear that Alex Jaconelli has passed away. We had been working with him on a range of projects related to innovative psychometric tests. His main business focus was in improving the operations of teams within organisations, and his key idea was a novel analysis method which focused on the dynamics of teams, and how different attitudes across the team could be analysed, especially in terms of joint focus on key objectives.

We, at Edinburgh Napier University, will miss him greatly. Our first project was a Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Innovation grant, which was so successful that we moved onto a larger collaborative project. For this we had been talking with him over the past few months on his plans for this large-scale collaborative project, and, right up to the end, he kept his focus and energy. Even though he was ill, he somehow summoned the energy to continue with the project, and show enthusiasm and drive to push things forward with a range of collaborators. It’s strange, even we you are told that someone hasn’t got long to live, you think that they’ll put through, and we all thought that he would.

His viewpoint on his illness

For many years we, at the university, have been working on improving health care, and Alex had a strong viewpoint on the state of health care in Scotland:

Last month I had the operation to remove the tumour from my neck - which thankfully was 
successful but I've lost six months since the procedure was declined in Scotland, and 
time is critical when fighting cancer. Next up is the tumour under my arm, we are still 
in the fight, fighting is hope, and hope is everything.

and he goes on to quote a problem in his diagnosis:

When I complained to my oncologist in Edinburgh last year that my diagnosis had taken 
too long, she agreed but pointed out she couldn't blame any one person. In my profession 
we call that a systemic failure, and here is where the irony kicks in.

Isn’t it strange that in many walks of life we now have chance to provide feedback on how things could be changed for the better, but there seems, in some places, still some barriers to this in health care in the UK?

His contribution

core01For him an effective team have the following traits:

  • —Common and understood purpose
  • —Goal focus
  • —Communication (formal and informal)
  • —Collaboration
  • —Decision making
  • —Diverse talents (existence and utilisation)
  • —Team climate (trust and support)
  • —Pride in what you do
  • —Valuing each other as individuals
He has a wide range of questions which analysed the traits, by interviewing each person in the team, and the team leaders. This gave him an understanding of performance impact against team effectiveness.

He was forever the entrepreneur and lead a successful consultancy business: http://core-bp.com/. It was a great privilege to know him, and I will remember him for his kind and considerate manner.

More information on him is at: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/alexjaconelli