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Well Sam or John or Larry … you need a better proof reader!

Don’t you just love those spam emails that come in? In these days of spear phishing, intruders are getting ever more sophisticated in gaining access to people’s personal details. But still you’ve got to smile at some of the bad attempts there still are in getting access to your bank account details. I did call the number in this email, but the person couldn’t hear me on Skype, so I’ll try later!

So when an email comes in from Diplomat John Green (officefile01@cantv.net), you’ve got to take notice as it is not often that you get an email from a real-life Diplomat. As you know, these are important people, who we deeply trust, so straight away it grabs our attention. I just wondered why he didn’t use his real name in the email address, but I suppose Diplomats do not want to show off too much about their status, and I guess that officefile01 is probably his PA.

So, if someone shouts something in the first line of the email, you must take notice:


which, I suppose, makes sense if you re-arrange some of the words, but I think I get what it is telling me. Then, obviously, it takes quite bit of reading to actually understand what is required here, but if you read it carefully, you get the point of it:

I have deposited your check to the western union office we agreed with western Union office, your name and your email address listed and approved for the Compensation payments fund $1,2USD as one of the mail address win victims, during the last UN meeting held at Port-novo, Capital Of Benin, send your fully information your address, Your Full name, Your Telephone Number, your country. the agreement with western union office is 5000USD per a daily twice until the whole of $1.2USD is transferred complete to you again i want to let you know Mr. Larry Martin said you have sent him to claim the fund on your behalf? ,as your next kings Reply here E-mail (unionwestern345@kimo.com)

As far as I can tell the UN have identified me as an important person and have actually put my name forward when they met in Porto-novo in the country called Benin (which does actually exist here). So I think, and my math my be wrong here, that $1,2 is a clue, in that I have actually won … and wait for it … $1.2 million … which is amazing … so I’m so pleased! And, I think, $5000 is waiting for me to call Larry (he’s a Mr, by the way), who I think will actually send me the money. His email address is pretty sensible with unionwestern345, at kimo.com. Again, this is an important person, so you can see why he would call himself after Western Union, even if he is the 345th person to do it. It’s disappointing, though, that John doesn’t actually know which country I am from. Surely the UN team would have told him my country, especially as they have registered me for the prize draw?

I also see that they think that I’m going to need to bury the money in my many bank accounts, as I’m going to get two $5000 deposits each day, so I’d better be ready. The anti-fraud team in my bank will not even know that I’ve got over a million coming through, as I just have to make sure that when it comes through, I move it on quickly. If there’s anyone out there who wants to launder some of this money, please say, and I’ll give you some commission?

So we know the story … we need to contact Sam, and well get the money, so it is re-enforced with:
Call Mr. Sam Townsend immediately you receive the message now for your first Payment of 5000USD today because the first Payment is ready today call him at Direct Line:: +229 68666804  now to avoid mistakes like transferring the first payment to a wrong person We are waiting to receive the information soon. Reply her(unionwestern345@kimo.com)

and now I have a telephone number. I am just going to call it … here goes … well I tried but they couldn’t hear me … oh dear! I think it goes to Nigeria, so perhaps they have strong links with the UN prize winning team. I will try later from a land-line, and hopefully they will be able to setup the payments for me.

Now I’ve contacted Sam, and he was not able to hear me, so let’s go on:
Email them with above address, the contact person is Mr. Sam Townsend phone number;+229 68666804.call Mr. Sam Townsend Immediately you receive this e-mail ask him for the Ten digit MTCN number:
Best regard
Dr Sam Townsend

I now just have to get my 10-digit code, and give Sam a call, and I’ll be rich … no need for me to Blog anymore! See you on the beach!

You've won a prize!
You’ve won a prize!